Hi  Everybody !

Most of the time, we wear the espadrilles "tap-dancing" would say the girls, so it becomes tedious quickly slide the back in fabric so soft... and here we are with uncomfortable espadrilles with this thick underfoot!

Of course I also make "whole" espadrilles on request, but I resolutely made the decision to have majority in mules. 

trio robe


The soles are flat, classic. I was repeatedly asked for heels... I have to clarify that. My soles of jute come from the Basque country, they are  vulcanized on-site. Heel soles are made in a very special way, my manufacturer makes them once a year, and he keeps them for himself because he also sells his own production...


I'll try again next month once he has a few pairs left at the end of the season... I could find them easily if I used those made in Bangladesh... but I don't want that. I would like to maintain the excellence of my product, I want guaranteed high quality... So, for now I only have flat espadrilles. They can of course take you out... You can read my night hike adventure to prove me right! If you live in an apartment, your neighbour downstairs will be infinitely grateful... they are perfectly silent!




Sun mules on the Promenade of Nice...

Espadrilles mules have become my specialty, but as I said, I will not refuse to make them whole!


If you have a special request, a fabric that tempts you with one of your dresses for example... everything can be done. Do not hesitate to contact me !




Beautiful day, see you soon!